37 Weeks

I think I am finally to that point of my pregnancy where I am ready to be done! Between the heartburn, return of the nausea and pubic symphysis pain I am uncomfortable pretty much constantly. I can’t complain too much since I can honestly say that from about 13 weeks until 35 weeks I loved being pregnant. Luckily for my sanity I can still manage my elliptical workouts without pain and have been trying to be better about the yoga that actually improves things slightly.

Baby continues to be low and ready, so anytime now. Although I prefer she wait until after New Year’s and my coworkers would prefer she wait until after the 10th. We’ve figured out the insurance issues for afterwards and picked a peds clinic so I think we’re ready. At my OB appointment on Monday I was informed that they would discuss induction once I got to 42 weeks, that thought makes me want to cry! There is no way I can do 5 more weeks, 3 sure, but 5 no way! Come on baby, let’s go along with the multiple dreams I’ve had for a January 12th birthday.

Look at the belly grow! No wonder I've been getting so many comments the past few days.


  1. wow, and the rest of you is so tiny!! Happy New Year - here's wishing you a baby for 12th Jan!


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