2014 My Come Back Year!!

January 1st 2014, time to look back at the last year and see how I did on my goals, without even looking I can tell you not so great. It was a tough year both in running and life. 2013 began by me walking away from a job that was making me very unhappy and staying home, finishing school, over training leading to injury after injury and poor racing but it ended with a new job I enjoy, new running friends, almost overcoming injury and discovering more about me. I’m happy to say many of my goals are now crossed off!!

Fitness Goals
  • Sub 3:30 marathon (okay actually 3:15 is what I really want)- Nope, 3:31
  • sub 1:30 half marathon- Nope, Never really raced a half healthy
  • 1:08 10 Mile- Nope, 1:13
  • sub 43:00 10K- Nope, 44:20 still a PR!!
  • sub 20:00 5K,- Nope, 21:00
  • Run 13 Half/Full Marathons Yes!!
  • Complete a Triathlon (meaning I need to swim!) Swam x6 but no triathlon
  • Run 2500 Miles 2576.5 miles
  • Give yoga a try 30 Day Yoga Challenge completed February 15th

Life Goals
  • Organize the house 1 room at a time Starting over!!
  • Figure out what will make me happy in life and find it! I think I’m on the right path
  • Think about what is important in my life and embrace it More focus on family and friends
  • Continue to grow my blog and write about topics important to me and other fitness parents New job got in the way this fall but I will be back
  • Figure out how to incorporate my new NASM CPT into my career Wrote and coached on the side
  • Read What’s that?!

  • Look at exactly what I am eating and improve Started tracking Sept 1st but didn’t last!
  • Read nutrition books: Nope
  • Limit processed foods: Working on this!
  • No more diet pop! None since January 19th March 4th June 10th
  • Experiment with more recipes Doing great

  • Start Pre-School with kiddo She loves it!
  • Monthly dates with hubby So far good!
  • Make friends a priority as life gets busy: coffee, runs, etc So far good!
  • Plan a fun 3rd birthday party A birthday week!
  • Limit computer time in evenings Improving with school done!

So what do I have in store for 2014? I am labeling this my “Come Back Year” where I will continue to grow even stronger, run even faster, eat even healthier and work on being a better person overall! Marathon Monday will return starting next week so make sure to join me to stay accountable for your weekly training (of any distance) and share ideas on new and fun workouts.

Fitness Goals (many of these will look familiar)
  • Sub 3:30 marathon (okay actually 3:15 is what I really want)
  • sub 1:30 half marathon
  • 1:08 10 MIle
  • sub 43:00 10K
  • sub 20:00 5K
  • Run 2550 miles
  • Stay injury free!!
  • Try something new each month fitness related Any suugestions?
  • Focus on goal races and no more running to run, this is why I am already skipping my 1st race of 2014, bad roads, cold temps and not feeling 100% still.

Life Goals
  • Organize the house and prepare to move, get rid of things we don’t need
  • Focus my blog on what is important to me
  • Read fun books Any suggestions?

  • No more dairy while marathon training
  • Limit processed foods and focus on whole foods
  • Plan meals weekly and prep ahead

  • Monthly (or more) dates with O
  • Listen to O and learn from her to be a better mom
  • Monthly dates with hubby
  • Make friends a priority as life gets busy: coffee, runs, etc.
  • Start thinking of kindergarten, yikes!

What did you accomplish in 2013 and what are your 2014 goals?


  1. Those are great goals! I have a hard time when I start making too many. I will hit one then make another. =)

  2. WHAT A YEAR! Over 2000 miles?! Wow!!

  3. Great goals!! I'm still working on mine....
    Happy 2014!

  4. Wow - you logged a lot of miles!!
    Here's to a great year and achieving all of you goals!!


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