Happy 4th Birthday

4 years ago I began my crazy adventure called motherhood! I should have known what life would bring when you entered the world on your own time (8 days late!). You were calmly born, no tears or drama, just looking around and soaking in the craziness around you. That soon changed! Your determination and inquisitive mind have made you very independent and often dramatic!

You have taught me what truly is important in life and to enjoy the little things. Every day you surprise me with your questions and knowledge you have gained. You want to be just like us: running, studying and cooking. You are a strong girl and set on being your own person. As tough as things are some days I love you and the person you are becoming. I may be in the minority here, but I do not miss the infant days, I love that we can talk and have fun together. Your mind, spirit and determination will truly make you a success in life! As tough as these are on mommy and daddy now, it will only benefit you in life!

We love you baby girl (yes, you are always my baby)...Happy Birthday O!


  1. Your daughter is beautiful. I hope you are able to run with her when she gets older. I recently ran my second marathon with my daughter at my side and it was an unbelievable experience.

    1. I'm sure we will! What a fun experience :)

  2. Happy birthday to an adorable little girl.

  3. Happy 4th birthday, O! I hope you have wonderful weather to celebrate :)

  4. Aww, this is so sweet! Happy birthday to O... hope you all had a great time celebrating!

  5. Thanks everyone, we had a great day!


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