Marathon Week 3 and the Rough Bike Weekend!

What a week! Wednesday I got great news from PT: my gait analysis is much improved meaning my hard work is paying off! My glutes are finally working and my core and hips are much more stable. I was much less horrified watching the video this time. I’ve also been cleared to push he speed a little, have been graduated to tougher PT exercises and cleared for some “baby” plyo work!

Monday: Easy 3.5 mile run and Piyo core, strength with trainer
Tuesday: Piyo Upper body. Evening run 6 miles hills and PT exercises
Wednesday: Piyo Core and Buns and the great PT appointment!
Thursday: Piyo Hard Core
Friday: Half Marathon (more later) PT exercises
Saturday: Bike 15 miles (cut short due to being stung by something, I’m allergic to bees so this freaked me out not knowing what might happen, luckily I was fine other than a swollen and sore ear). Strength and Piyo Core
Sunday: 5 mile run in the rain, Piyo Upper and Lower body. 20 mile bike with a family picnic (complete with the crash I managed to avoid during the sting on Saturday! Just scrapes and bruises but it was not a fun bike weekend!)

The crash result!
On to week 3 of marathon training, still not at the spot I hoped to be for this training cycle but happy I am improving. I beginning to accept that this Fall marathon will not be the goal race I hoped instead I can just enjoy it and throughout the training learn ways to improve my running and overall fitness (one of the reasons I made a big decision last week, more later!)

Monday: Piyo Sweat, strength with trainer
Tuesday: Piyo Core/Buns. Evening run 6 miles and PT exercises
Wednesday: Piyo Upper/Lower, Strength
Thursday: Run 7 miles. Piyo Core
Friday: Strength and 30 min elliptical
Saturday: Run 14 miles, Piyo Sweat
Sunday: Bike, Piyo Core

Our bike and picnic
What are your workout plans? Anyone else doing Piyo?


  1. Functional fitness assess 2 weeks ago and now a gait analysis this week! Can't wait! I'm seeing progress over the past 2 weeks. Baby steps but at least it's steps in the right direction.

    I start Piyo today :)

  2. Hope the half went well, and yay for all the good news!! You never know with this marathon- cutting back a bit might work out well and maybe your body will surprise you!

    1. Laura is love for that to happen but not making it my focus just being smart

  3. Ouch! Hope your half went well.


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