Week 6: Continuing to build

My running buddy!
Week 5: I’m slowly building but nothing speedy! I’m focusing more on what else I can do and running secondary (yes I just said that!). We are in the process of finishing our basement and a nice home gym meaning Matt is planning P90X with me soon! Looking forward to this set up and being able to try out all the workouts and share my reviews! What is your favorite Beachbody workout? Or the one you’ve always wondered about?

21 Day Fix Upper/Pilates
Tuesday: Piyo Buns. Evening run 6 miles
Wednesday: P90X3 Upper/Lower
Thursday: Run 8 miles with baby speedwork! Sluggish 6 mile run/walk L And Piyo Core
Friday: Thanks to UPS not arriving I stayed home Piyo Drench, 21 Day Fix Upper & 10 Min Abs
Saturday: Run 16 miles
Sunday: Bike ride cut short at 10 miles thanks to downpours! 21 Day Fix Yoga (loving this)

Week 6: Seriously is it almost August? Where is the summer going? I mean as I shopped for home stuff I see the stores flooded with Back to School! I’m continuing to run pain free but keeping things low and easy and listening to my body!

4.5 mile run (35:24) & 21Day Fix 10 Min Abs in morning & Strength in afternoon
Tuesday: Piyo Buns. Evening run 6 miles
Wednesday: P90X3 Upper/Lower
Thursday: Run 8 miles and Piyo Core
Friday: Spin or swim and weights. Piyo lower
Saturday: Run half marathon and 21 Day Fix Yoga
Sunday: Bike and Piyo Drench

Tell me about your best workout last week, goals for this week?

Clean Eating 7 Day Challenge starts next Monday, be sure to sign up today!


  1. How is Piyo different from P90X?
    Confessions of A Mother Runner

    1. Deborah email me and I can send you more info than I can easily type here :)

  2. Great job on your week!
    I have finally been able to get back to running, but last Saturday I went in for a great hike and got 11.5 miles in, it was an awesome workout, and great time!


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