Week 3 and cupcakes don't fuel a run

Week 3 meant new challenges as always but within this I also participated in a 7 day clean eating challenge which helped my workouts greatly! I'm still keeping lower run miles but adding in lots of cross training, strength and flexibility and see a huge difference. I think I'm becoming a new kind of runner!

Monday: Piyo Sweat, strength with trainer
Tuesday: Piyo Core/Buns. Hill run 6 miles and PT exercises
Wednesday: Piyo Upper/Lower, Strength
Thursday: Run 8.5 miles. Piyo HardCore
Friday: Piyo Core, PT exercises
Saturday: Run 6.5 miles, 21 Day Fix 10 min Abs and P90X3 Upper (Wow! I think Tony Horton is trying to kill me!)
Sunday: Run 14 miles 10 miles of rough, tired running that I cut short! Lesson learned don’t expect a dinner of wine and cupcake and little sleep to get you through a run. Best to cut it short then push through and suffer later, yes I’m really learning to be a smart runner! 21 Day Fix Yoga, love it!

Yes it is! (Source)
Week 4 is going to be tough but I can do it! I will be out of town for work hopefully finding time to explore the area as I run.

Monday: Piyo Core/Buns, strength
Tuesday: Piyo Upper. Evening run 6 miles and PT exercises
Wednesday: Piyo Drench, Bike
Thursday: Piyo Core/Buns and Run 6 miles
Friday: Run 7-8 miles and Piyo upper/lower
Saturday: Piyo Sweat/core
Sunday: Run 14 miles (trying again) 21 DF abs

I’m in the midst of researching places to run and good places to eat healthy and gluten free in San Diego, Suggestions? My main goal for the travel days are to stick with my healthy eating and workout. Yes, I plan to pack lots of food, my blender and DVDs.

What are your goals this week?


  1. Great week Jen! Good luck this week too!

  2. Depending on what part of San Diego, I have run in the past in La Jolla and it was great. I think it's at La Jolla Cove (my boyfriend lived in SD two years ago so Im a bit rusty on the details)

  3. great training week! I don't know much about Piyo


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