10Ks in the evening...

Last night I ran a local 10K after a crazy late work day I rushed home, jammed some food quickly in my mouth, changed and drove back. As I ran in a at the final second to grab my race packet and meet up for my group's picture I was rethinking running. I was stressed and not feeling the racing thing right now! So much so the watch was left at home.

With 10 minutes to race start I guess my warm up was running back to my car to drop off my race packet, grab my hat and hit the start line. I met up with a friend who also wasn't feeling the racing and then found a third. We took off chatting the entire time with a little complaining and debating about quitting after lap 1. Mile 1: (the only mile split I have from a friend) 7:27 Oops I guess I'm feeling better than I thought.

Lap 1 done and 5K in 23:50 (avg 7:40)

We continued on completing the first lap and deciding to finish the 10K, my friends back off so I was on my own to navigate the annoying second lap, passing walls of 5K walkers of 5-6+ across. I'm not saying there shouldn't be walkers just some race etiquette or better course. There is no way to fit 2,000 runners on a single sidewalk for 3 miles! There was frustration all around as people passed saying "on your left" or "passing" or excuse me". Rude comments were made by those getting passed to not only me. I was once told run on the grass if I thought I needed to pass! I went into the race knowing these frustrations from last year and knew what to expect but hoping things had changed.

I came around the final corner and up the hill before the finish, another sharp corner and then done. 47:08 (avg 7:34) negative split for lap 2 23:18 7:30 pace lap 2!

Race is done, now the fun and time to hang out and relax with friends.

Are you a night time racer? What are the tricks? Give me a 5am race any day!


  1. I love a good morning run! A 10K after work would have been tough for me! Congrats on such a great finish!

  2. Night races are hard mentally. I've done them but it's tough to get into the race mindset at the end of the day and even more so at night.

  3. I have zero night-running tips! Like you, I would take a 5 am race any day but by night time I am spent. You kept a great pace and sounds like you have some awesome friends!

    Amy @ http://www.livinglifetruth.com/

  4. So awkward to have to lap the walkers and unfortunate that there wasn't more camaraderie between the groups. I've only done a couple of night races because they are so challenging…what to eat, when to eat, etc. Mornings are much easier!


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