Fall fun!

I love fall for about 2 days, and realistically that is about how long it lasts here before winter hits! I'm all about apples and pumpkin and cooler running weather but it's the aftermath of fall that I hate! So we make the most of it while it's here and luckily after a few cold days which included frost on my car we are back to 80s this weekend!

Last weekend also sent great weather and a chance to get back to the corn maze which has become a family tradition since O was born (okay we missed last year thanks to rain every weekend!). What better way to wear out a 4 year old than running through a maze of 8 feet tall corn stalks, jumping in a corn pit and climbing the bouncy house? Even better we ran  into some friends so O and C played in the corn forever.

How fun to see how she's grown through the years!

This weekend more great weather and the apple orchard for the family and 22 miles for me before hand. I love starting my day in a sweater and ending in shorts and a tank, Why can't fall hang around in place of winter? What are your favorite parts of fall? 


  1. I love having perfect running weather. Spring is rainy and windy, and there's often flooding from snow melt. Fall has the same nice temperatures with better road conditions.

    1. Very true about spring! The only perk of spring is knowing we are far from another winter :)

  2. I love the year by year comparison, she's gotten so tall!


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