Week 2 A New Kind of Marathon Training

Week 1 of marathon training was interesting on a few levels; mentally I’m having a tough time with the lower mileage but am convincing myself that I need it, I ran on vacation in weather that was 60 degrees warmer than I’m used to (sorry that’s why I was pretty scarce last week) and I managed to injure myself during my long run on dry ground!
Run views

Despite being on vacation I think I managed to get my workouts in and eat pretty healthy, just forget about those glasses of wine, mojitos and margaritas! I also had no GPS so all runs were by time which I have a tough time mentally with.

Monday: P90X Back/Chest/Abs and 1 hour hiking
Tuesday: Intervals: 10 min easy, 8x 1:30 hard run 0:45 easy 10 min easy and Yoga
Wednesday: P90X Shoulder/Arms/Abs and 1 hour hiking
Thursday: Tempo run: 10 min easy 25 min harder 10 min easy and P90X Plyometrics (just 30 min)
Friday: P90X Legs/Back/Abs and hiking
Saturday: Long Run: 1:30:00 complete with my epic trip and fall!
Sunday: Rest
Scraped knees, hip and arm, ouch!

My well deserved post-run margarita on the  beach!
Now it is on the Week 2 and back to reality of work, grad school (yep that starts again) and colder temperatures. I’m off to buy a new treadmill today Any suggestions? Here are my plans for the week and I enter week 2 marathon training and week 3 P90X…

Monday: P90X Back/Chest/Abs and Spin
Tuesday: AM- Plyometrics and PM-Intervals: 10 min easy, 4x1200 at 6:35 pace, 10 min easy
Wednesday: P90X Legs/Back/Abs and kickboxing
Thursday: Tempo Run: 1 mile easy 5 miles 7:30 pace 1 mile easy and Yoga
Friday: P90X Shoulders/Arms/Abs
Saturday: Long Run: 12 miles
Sunday: Yoga

As I’ve said before I’m really excited to see what this new type of plan can bring my way in terms of running. I’m just hoping this knee pain from the fall is nothing and gone by Tuesday so I can hit the treadmill. Since I’ll be running a lot of treadmill runs I’m in need of new music, What’s on you workout playlist?


  1. Oh no Jen! That looks like an ugly fall! I hope the knee pain is nothing!

  2. I just bought a treadmill today from 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment. They sell a lot of the nicer (i.e. more durable) treadmill brands (new), and they have a selection of used equipment, too. They were great to work with!


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