Is Spring Finally Here?

The warmest day of the year! Nearly 70 degrees and sunny today! It looks like winter may actually be gone. The snow is finally melted, but the wind was still gusting.

The combination of nicer weather and a half marathon scheduled for Saturday are making this week even more difficult. It has been nearly 3 weeks since my last run and I am starting to get frustrated and moody. My running focus has changed to helping Matt train for Saturday's half and Grandma's and finishing the fall team training schedules.

I thought about getting the bike out today, but with my history of bike crashes, current injury and the wind I decided against it. So more time in the gym. I talked to my swim coach and a friend who's a personal trainer and am getting closer to being convinced that I could become a triathlete this summer. No one will let me register for anymore races until I can actually run again (I already have a few in mind).


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