This is Rough

It was in the 60s today, we actually have Spring! Finally a warm, sunny day and here I sit watching people run. I knew this would be tougher than not running back in snowy January. I did take Morgan out for a walk in my clunky boot in order to get outside and was passed by no less than 5 runners.

Today I also went to see the orthopedic doctor. First bad news was the fact that the MRI that was done was ordered wrong and failed to actually look at the injured part of my ankle. The next bad part came when I was told of the uniqueness of this injury and the need to see a specialist after getting a new MRI. I guess this typically happens to "50 year old overweight women" these were the doctors exact words. His reason for not wanting to treat me is that my goals of treatment are much higher than the typical patient with this injury. The other bad news was that I did get laughed at when I told him I wanted to be running a marathon in June. And final bad news, I left the clinic in a boot, meaning my cross training is now limited to pool running and swimming. Maybe I will become the pool running queen like Peter said.


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