Running with Morgan

Poor Morgan has been neglected much of this winter due to my injuries and the long winter. Prior to my last marathon I had gotten into a routine of doing a lot of my shorter runs with Morgan, he's a much better runner than walker. The snow came early and then I had my first month off due to injury and back to more snow. We did get in a few runs late this winter, but Morgan is not the best running partner in the snow as he tends to focus on rolling in the snow more than running. He is just like a kid and spends all his time jumping from snow pile to snow pile causing me to have my arm jerked every direction. I know, we need to work on this.

So today the weather was perfect and we got out for a run. I am once again following the Pfitz Return to Running run/walk plan, so this caused some confusion for Morgan. He just didn't quite understand why we would stop running and walk for a few minutes. Despite this he did great and we got in an easy 3.25 miles in the sun. Is Spring actually here to stay this time?


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