Plan A

I had my appointment today with the specialist and the official diagnosis is exactly what we had thought, except add a stretch tendon to the picture. To treat we are using Plan A, but have a back up Plan B (which I don't like).

Plan A: Continue wearing the boot when out, not at home which is what I have been doing. Once I have my new orthotics, which he made changes to, and I am pain free I can start running again 1 mile at a time. If the pain comes back, I'm back in the boot. No return visit unless the pain gets worse. He actually thinks that I can possibly run Grandma's! It won't be a PR, but just a fun race.

Plan B: (I never want to get to this) Surgery to shorteen the overstretched tendon and something about moving my heal over, huh? I didn't quite get that last part, but I don't plan to need this anytime soon and per many recomendations would have another doctor do surgery if needed anyways.

10 weeks until Grandma's. Can I make it?


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