Another Pain Free Run!

I have never really been one to watch or care about weather reports, but the day before a race or long run I turn into a weather junkie. I obsessively watch the hourly forecast and the radar and try to plan around the weather if I can. This is exactly how my day started this morning since the talk has been rain and I had 20 miles planned.

Right before I left I was getting conflicting reports, was saying rain from 8am on, but the KARE 11 radar looked clear. I took my chances and headed out. I made it 14 miles and even then the only thing I got was a few sprinkles. The temperature held perfect in the high 50s although it was quite windy for a lot of the run, but I had a great run anyways. I didn't plan my course out very well and ended up with the toughest part and steepest hills in the last 6 miles. Oh well, you can't control race courses and it all just makes me a stronger runner.

At mile 17 my thoughts turned to watermelon for some reason and I am now obsessing over the watermelon that I want but don't have. Best of all, the leg remained pain free! Today there were 6 deer along the trails. Somehow during the run, my iPod developed a mind of it's own. The volume kept changing. Now that I am home it won't shut off.

20.6 miles done in 3:02:26 (8:52 average pace) much better for my long run pace.

18 days until Grandma's and I feel ready...


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