State Track & Field

On Friday, I spent the day at the State High School Track & Field Meet, my first track meet ever and I have been out of high school for years. Wow, those kids are amazing in their focus and abilities. Just about every Spring in high school I would think about joining the track team, but then I would realize that would mean that I would actually have to run so I never did. Now I kind of wish I had, not sure I would have been any good considering my attitude about running back then, but it would have been fun to see what I could have done.

That day, I also got what I find to be a huge compliment. There was much surprise when I said I had never been to a track meet before. The assumption had been made that I had been a high school and college runner! Wow, I wish I could compete at that level.

I did see one thing I found pretty strange, the pole vaulter now have to wear helmets. Yes, I agree with safety and injury prevention, but come on isn't that going a little too far?


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