Grandma's Marathon

After overdoing the marathon running in 2007 and spending much of this Winter and Spring injured I had my doubts about even running this marathon. This would be Matt's first marathon, so we were going anyways, why not run and see how a different type of training affected my marathon...

Friday afternoon we drove up to Duluth (I drove, Matt slept since he had a migraine) and did a quick walk through the expo to pick up our packets. Then it was off to check in at our cabin and make some dinner. I slept terrible that night, Morgan hurt all 4 feet while playing earlier in the day (he skins his pads while running and skidding to a stop) and spent the night licking and whining.

Race Day: Woke up early, ate and headed to catch the bus. The weather was looking perfect at this point. When we got up to the start it was a little before 7am, I had to use the porta potty. I made the mistake of letting Matt choose the bathroom line and we waited, it was almost 7:25 by the time I got done. I quick threw my sweats bag at the guy on the truck and headed to the start. I realized I was back by the sign marked "walkers" and tried to move up. As the race started, I slowly passed the 5:00, 4:30, 4:00 pace groups and eventually 3:50. I got into a comfortable pace and kept at it. My plan was to run a comfortable race and be under 4:00.

Memories from the race:
Mile 4: Some girl running in front of me with a fuel belt dropped her water bottle and came to dead stop to pick it up, causing me to stop and jar my left knee, ouch.
Mile 9/20: Al Franken was along the course.
Half way: Feeling good and there is Morgan.
Mile 16: Stupid guy who kicked me in the right leg (where my tendon was injured). He had to get across to the other side of the road to the sprinkler, I guess the rest of the runners were in his way. This brought tears to my eyes.
Yikes, it is no longer cool out, it is getting hot. I really wish I could just jump in the lake.
Mile 20: Wow, this sucks my quads are getting cramped, but I'm still running, rather slowly, but I'm still running. It is feeling good to pass walkers at my slow run.
Mile 22: Uphill- Lemondrop hill, this sucks!
Mile 23: Very tempted to take the shot of tequila I was offered by some guys spectating.
Mile 24: Rain, this is really nice, too bad it only lasted a minute and now it is not only hot, but humid too.
Mile 25 Getting close and downhill. Just keep passing people, it will make me forget about the pain in my legs.
Finish: I did it. I think I heard it was nearly 80 degrees.

Splits: 10K: 52:30 Half: 1:50:15 (I had a chance to BQ at this point) 20 Mile: 2:53:29 25 Mile: 3:40:42
Finish 3:50:51 (3rd fastest marathon) 8:46 pace I really can't complain considering I started running again in May.

The best post race food, ice cream and OJ. I ate this, changed into my sandals and waited for Matt to finish. While I was waiting, a guy stood next to me, leaned over and threw up all over the ground, it was pure liquid and splattered on my feet. I can deal with this at work, but in public places, gross!

Matt finished his first marathon after a rough Friday with a migraine and in the heat. His time 4:56:59. He made his original goal of sub 5.

On the way back to our cabin we stopped to pick up wine to go with the pizza (Pizza Luce of course) we were ordering and some drunk guy asked for my medal, when I said no, he wanted my race number instead. Whatever?!

Up next tri training and strengthening my quads/hamstrings (Matt is walking better than I am). I tend to get leg cramps very easily and need to find a way to combat this for the future. I've heard magnesium, maybe I'll give it a try or I'm even tempted to try salt packets, yuck!

We're even talking about a winter marathon...


  1. Awesome job! I'm proud of you!!! (and Matt, too!:)


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