Caught in the Storms

Yesterday after work, I decided to head out in the heat for a quick 10 miler before the storms that they had been talking about all day finally hit. The sky looked sunny and there were no storms in sight, so I felt pretty safe. I made it about 4.5 miles into my run and started hearing thunder in the distance and the North sky looked pretty dark, but the South sky was still bright and sunny so I kept going. About 10 minutes later the thunder was picking up and the sky getting darker. I called Matt only to find out there were tornado warnings for our area, what?! I cut my run short at 6.5 miles, still dry and no storm where I was, but in the 2 mile drive to get home the sky opened up and the sirens went off. I guess I wasn't meant to get that 10 miles done. Off to try again...


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