A Run Cut Short

I had planned on running 8 miles tonight, but this is the first run that was cut short due to pain since I have been back to running. At about mile 4, I started experiencing this intense pain in the arch of my right foot, this right where the tendon I had injured ends. I stop and tried to stretch, but had no luck with that. The pain just continued and actually got worse, I was getting mad! I have felt so good, why is this happening?
I ended up running 6.65 miles in 57:33 (8:41 average pace). I iced for a short time after my run, but yikes I was scared by the amount of pain this close to the marathon.
Now I am sitting her about 1 1/2 hours later completely pain free, no clue what this was all about. I guess just some freak thing that I hope won't come back. I have a new pair of shoes "purple ones" that I plan to start running in tomorrow, maybe that will help.

11 Days until Grandma's, mentally I did not need this!


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