Becoming a triathlete

Yesterday I did my first "real" tri workout, yeah I have been swimming and biking with my usual running but nothing like this. Since I am restricted on my weekly mileage, I am increasing the biking and swimming, trying to do more than I need for the tri.
Yesterday I did my first real brick workout: bike 22.25 miles in 1:25 (15.6 mph) slower than usual, but the trails were packed with so many leisurely bikers and rollerbladers, followed by 2.15 miles of running in 17:25 (8:07 pace).
It took my legs about 1/2 mile to loosen up and increase the speed, but after that I didn't feel too bad. Looking at this, I think I would do better at a longer distance to give my legs that warm up time on the run, now just to get better at swimming.


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