Finally a long run

I've been keeping my running miles low since Grandma's 4 weeks ago and since I am still limited to 20 mpw a long run is a little tough. This morning was perfect for a run. My teams are getting into the tough training of double digit runs and it is great to see the improvement they have made in the past 2 months. Today they ran anywhere from 8 to 16 miles depending on what they were training for. I ran 13 pain free miles and had some great conversations with my runners. It was great, we ran the portion of TCM that goes along the river (miles 14-21), one of the toughest sections of the course, at least I think it is (all my bad memories start during this time). Today it didn't seem as bad as I remember it to be, likely due to fresh legs and a shorter run :)

2 weeks until my next race (Urban Wildland Half) my 1st half since April 2007 and I'm hoping to PR. I love the half distance and can't wait to actually race it again.


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