Stupid People

I just need to vent, I think this has been the week they let the idiots out on the trails and the roads. I always encounter stupid people with the amount of time I spend out biking and running, but this past week has been extreme...

-A woman walking her small, yippy dog on an exti-leash while reading a book. Yes she had her face buried in the book and was paying no attention to the dog.

-A woman rollerblading while pushing a small baby in a regular stroller, not a baby jogger. That is an injury waiting to happen.

-4 teenage girls hanging out with their bikes blocking the entire path having a conversation.

-Multiple people riding bikes on the wrong side of the path, 2 women in particular riding side by side so slow they were swerving. They made no attempt to move out of my way as I rode towards them and told me I was rude for commenting they needed to share the path.

-Stupid drivers not stopping for runners in crosswalks. 4 cars actually sped past me as I tried to cross right in front of a police car. Another guy at a different intersection told me he didn't need to stop since there wasn't a stop sign.

-Lastly, the recumbent bike guy who insisted on riding so close behind me he was almost hitting my back wheel and then finally passed and wouldn't stay on one side of the path.


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