Life Time Tri

I did the running part for an Olympic distance (1.5K swim/40K bike/10K run) tri relay yesterday morning. One of the runners on my team was registered, but has been injured and couldn't bike or run so we got her reigisration changed to a relay team this past week, she swam, another TNT guy biked, and I ran.

This tri is huge, over 3000 athletes in both Olympic and sprint courses, I've watched it twice, but never participate and thought this would be a great way to be on the inside and maybe learn a few tips for my tri next month. I was so impressed watching the pros, the men left the water in 18 minutes and still looked unbelieveable later when we saw them starting the run. When we were standing on the beach before the swimmers started, I realized that the guy who was on the Bachelor a couple seasons ago was standing right next to me, I kept trying to figure out why I knew him.

Waited around and got to watch as my team swam and biked, then it was my turn to run the 10K, a 2 loop course around Lake Nokomis, where I train on often. Vic came in on the bike, Cheri grabbed the chip from his left ankle and quickly hooked it on mine and I was off.
Mile1: 7:11 (maybe a little fast)
Mile2: 7:27
Mile3: 8:03 (Walked water stop)
Mile4: 7:42
Mile5: 7:56
Mile6: 7:54
.2: 1:34
Saw my TNT team twice on the course, my parents and tri team at the start and finish, some runner friends doing a water stop and another friend right before the finish.

I think there is actually a smile on my face, must be early in the race!

Almost to the finish line...

Finsh: 47:51, A new PR by 0:54(I guess I can count it even though I really wasn't running a 10K) 7:44 pace
15/105 for all Runners in Relay division (Men and Women)
My team did 2:45:22
I had fun and am so ready for my tri in August.

Post Race refresments, got to have that beer, what better reason to run!


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