What a great feeling!

A few weeks ago Matt finally decided to join a running club. This is the same run club I belong to, but at a different location of the gym (the one much closer to our house). I just never switched after we moved since I know everyone I run with and now that I coach I don't make too often.

Last evening I was actually home and he was going to run with his group, so I thought I would come with and see this group that he described as "misfits". We ran an easy 2 miles to the gym to meet the group. The first thing I hear is "so you're quite the runner" huh? I never thought of myself more then an average runner, I have only ran for 6 years I'm not that accomplished, I just like it.

We take off to run, the plan is 5 miles, I tell Matt I'll meet him back at the gym for our run home. It was an out and back, so the 1st and last mile are very hilly, but I took off at a comfortable pace and was running 7:45s. At the turnaround, I hear someone coming up behind me struggling to catch up, here comes the youngest girl in the group, a high school X-country runner. I ran back a short distance with her and tried to have a conversation, but she wasn't talking, I guess I was pushing her too hard :) I stopped when I saw Matt from the other direction to grab some water and let her go.

I get back and talk to some of the others who went shorter distances while waiting for Matt, including the 2 coordinators who said they could never run with me. I was getting all kinds of questions and comments about my running and races. What a great feeling this was. I never thought I would show up to a group and be the fastest, most experienced runner there.


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