38 Weeks

I’m ready to be done with the pregnancy thing. I’ve got the lovely waddle and pelvic pain every time I walk and just moving around is sometimes terribly painful. I can still get in about 1 hour on the elliptical without pain, but not sure when I’ll be back to running. Now I get a lot of questions about when I’ll be back to running, soon I hope, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the pelvis after baby is born.

I started having contractions on Saturday, Sunday brought extreme nausea and Monday increased pelvic pressure. I thought I might be getting close, especially when the contractions got to be 7-10 minutes apart for a couple hours. That’s when they decided to stop! After all that I expected some good news on my progress at my appointment on Wednesday, but nope, nothing, still no dilation which even surprised the OB. I guess I’ve got a cervix of steel. I know I can’t get to frustrated by this since some women can be dilated for weeks and others go from 0 to baby in a day, but still I was hoping. The OB did promise me that I wouldn’t be pregnant forever.


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