You've got to be kidding!

40 week appointment today and even after all the contractions I am still not dilated! What is that all about? I must have a cervix of steel or something. Good to know it was doing a good job keeping baby safe, but enough already! Since I’m still not dilated they won’t schedule an induction until 41 weeks, but at least I now have an end in sight. The plan is to be admitted on Wednesday evening and get Cervidil after be rechecked after 12 hours. After that things will either progress on their own, the OB will break my water, I’ll get Pitocin, or worst case my cervix stays closed and more Cervidil. So still a lot of possibilities, but at least we have a plan and a finish line in sight. Now let’s just hope that I can go before that and avoid all of the above. Now to focus on getting labor started on its own in the next 6 days, off to eat some spicy food for dinner.


  1. Please use extreme caution when inducing. I had 2 inductions, the first one being horrid because my body just wasn't ready. Remember, YOU have control over what they do to your body. They may tell you that you HAVE to do something, whether it is being induced, or the induction method. You do have a say. If you do wind up getting induced, the cervadil will hopefully get some contractions going, and if they break your water it will make those contractions better. Try walking or sitting on a birthing ball. Pitocin is so hard on your body and the baby. Hold off on that as long as possible. And if you are contracting and dialating, you don't need any pitocin!

    Hopefully that little girl comes out soon! I know you are dying to meet her, as are other people! I have done it 3 times and I completely understand! Let me know if you want to see pics of me right after births...I am seriously unrecognizable in the first 2! With Victoria (my natural labor) I don't even look like I just gave birth! And I felt WONDERFUL!

    Pineapple...lots and lots of pineapple!

  2. Thanks Sarah. I am really hoping that if I do need to get induced that the Cervidil will do the trick and hope to avoid Pitocin, my OB hopes that's the case too and is very open to what I want. With the pubic symphysis diastasis that started months ago I won't be able to go much longer and still walk or even sleep.

    Just hoping that I doon't need any of it, but it makes me feel a little more in control when I know there is a plan.

    The pineapple I bought earlier this week was suprisingly good for this time of year, better pick up another one!


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