41 Weeks

I cannot believe I am having to write this post, I am officially 1 week overdue as of today. My dates are based on a 6 week u/s so pretty sure I truly am a week overdue! This past week I have turned into a lazy, crabby woman who is addicted to ice cream sandwiches, at least they are the Skinny Cow ones. I have managed some walking and elliptical workouts and even 1 day of weights.

1 more trip to L&D this past week that resulted in being sent home. Once again on Sunday had contractions all day so we went in during the Vikings game. This time baby tolerated things well so I was only on the monitor for a short time before I was checked and still no dilation, so I was told to walk around for an hour, but still nothing so home we went. Once again sent home and told by the nurse that she'd likely see us soon, not quite 3 days later and I just finished working. That was interesting, waddling around the hospital the past 2 days getting plenty of questions about when baby was coming. Off to the hospital soon to start the Cervidil, although I think I might not need any help since I think things may be starting on their own (I'll just leave it vague).


  1. I have been checking back all week to see if there was any news! I know how frustrating it gets! So glad to hear that things "may" be starting on their own!

    Can't wait to hear how everything went!

  2. Come on baby!! I am so excited for you guys!


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