Eggplant Parmigiana

Will it work? Yesterday Matt and I were online and came across this article about a restaurant in Georgia where pregnant women went to get this legendary eggplant parmigiana that was known to bring on labor. We went to the restaurant’s website and sure enough there was the link to the recipe for those of us far from the warmth of Georgia and the story behind the meal. This all started about 25 years ago and has grown to the point that Scalini’s has an “Eggplant Baby” Wall and link on the website with over 300 babies born within 48 hours of eating the famous meal. They even guarantee a baby within 48 hours of eating the meal at the restaurant and give those who don’t a gift card for another meal. We changed dinner plans and decided why not give it a try, so if it works for me we should be meeting our baby before Monday at 6pm, 36 hours to go. If it doesn’t work we had a great dinner and now have a new recipe.


  1. Share the link. I think I will be needing that in a while!

  2. The recipe/story is linked to the post title. Coming up on 48 hours and no baby yet, although some great contractions.


    I had no idea, but was craving it, and ate a TON! Hello sore mouth and heartburn! BUT, it did kick start labor and I FINALLY got to give birth naturally as opposed to being induced!

    Good luck!

  4. I've heard the pineapple thing, good to know it really worked for you. Looks like I'll be stopping at the store tomorrow!


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