Time for a chat

Okay baby, I know this is only the first on many times you won't listen to me, but come on can we just start out with a little cooperation! The outside world is actually pretty nice and we would really like to meet you soon. I know you are running out of room to move around and I can guarantee you that you'll have much more space on the outside, we promise to stop poking at your feet every time you move them. The weather is finally nicer so take advantage of the sun and heat wave in the 20s before there's a blizzard or subzero weather again. Your mom is getting really uncomfortable and needs you to stop putting so much pressure on her pelvis and would like some comfortable sleep. Yes, you will continue to limit my sleep, but at least the sleep I'll be getting will be pain free. Your dad is looking forward to some time off work, okay we both are. And I know everyone is curious to find out your name. So please make your appearance soon. The starting and stopping of contractions over the past week is getting really frustrating, next time can those contractions have some good results? Please!


  1. Come on baby! You need to come out while the sun is shining and it is above zero degrees! That and I feel the need to shop for baby clothes and I can't for my kids yet, as they are still Fetus 1 & fetus 2!


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