39 Weeks

Come on baby, time to come out! Looks like the dreams about a January 12th birthday were wrong. Contractions continue to come and go, but just when they start to feel like maybe they're working they stop. As of Tuesday still no dilation, I guess I just have a stubborn cervix that does its job and doesn't know when to give up. The good news from the appointment is that they will not make me go to 42 weeks before talking induction, my ob is fine with anytime after 39 weeks as long as my cervix starts to cooperate. She also thinks that once I do start progressing that things will go quickly since baby's head is so low.

The looks at the gym as I lug my 39 week belly onto the elliptical are getting much worse. I now have people stare through my entire workout like they are waiting for me to give birth right there. It's a good thing that we finally have some warmer weather because as of Sunday, after work, my last coat that fit earlier in the day no longer buttons. Otherwise this week marked the start of Spring semester of grad school, this week has been devoted to getting the early work finished so I don't have to worry about things when I go into the hospital.


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