1 pound

No, I am not needing to lose 1 pound, this is the answer I received from the orthopedist on Thursday. A 1 pound lifting restriction with my right arm. Yikes, what actually weighs 1 pound? Honestly not much! Maybe a can of soda or soup, but how do you actually function with this limitation. Don't get me wrong I am happy that the splint is off and I am only needing to use the sling when I will be up moving a lot for comfort. He actually encouraged range of motion in my elbow, but no lifting "anything more then a pen" then he changed to 1 pound. This will be the case for another 2 weeks until my follow up when I'll have more films to make sure it is healing well. I guess for a fracture I can't complain: 10 days in a splint and another 2 weeks in a sling as needed with very limited lifted. When I mentioned my 12 month daughter he just hung his head and replied "things just get more interesting with you." I don't think he will ever forget the girl with the broken arm who was anxious to be running and had a toddler at home.

On the plus side I did manage to get in my long run today: 20 miles on the treadmill while watching a lot of cooking shows. I did learn the secret of perfect pan seared scallops which we had planned for tonight's dinner. I decided to stay inside on the treadmill in case my arm got too sore (who am I kidding I don't stop running doe to arm or any pain for that matter) and to avoid another fall on the ice that had formed back on the sidewalks after last week's warm up.


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