What a week!

Breaking your arm is never a fun thing, but I've learned it is really a bad idea when you have a 12 month old at home. Then to make things even harder my mom, who is our daily babysitter has been sick. First she found out on Tuesday that she had strep and an ear infection, then became dehydrated due to vomiting from the antibiotics and dizziness the ear was causing. Thursday she ended up in urgent care on IV fluids and a new round of antibiotics. This meant I was home all day both Thursday and Friday with a toddler who decided naps weren't fun! Mom wasn't having fun either! The worst part of this all for me was that running is what helps me through these stressful days and I wasn't even able to do that. I did make sure to have a couple glasses of Zin that evening :-) Oh and top this all off I have a paper due tomorrow, typing has been a slow painful process. It has been amazing the things that have become so difficult: eating (planned meals that are simple to eat), putting in contacts, make-up, breastfeeding a squirmy toddler, shaving (I think I'm just going to give up and get my underarms waxed), cooking. I have yet to attempt going anywhere with Ophelia, but plan to hit the gym and store later so it might be interesting.  

Precor Crossramp, my new love! 
The only good that has come from this past week is that I have done a lot of cross training and been back in  the gym, might even qualify for my insurance's frequent fitness discount. I spent a lot of time on my bike and even got in a few doubles : biking in the morning and my new found love the Crossramp at the gym in the afternoon. The Crossramp is the most similar to running that I have found and I actually didn't get too bored. Yesterday it was 47F here, a heat wave after the negative temperatures we've had and the gym was packed. Seriously? Why was everyone inside? I was kind of stuck there, but everyone else get out and enjoy this. I spent my workout thinking about how much I wanted to be running in shorts, getting muddy legs and just soaking up the sun. I love these mid-Winter warm ups. Maybe tomorrow, the splint comes off today and then my 1 week of no running will be over.

We were able to get outside and enjoy the weather a little yesterday, Ophelia got her first real taste of playing in the snow. Her oversized, highly immobile snowsuit kept her from doing too much. The other positive from this week is that she has avoided getting sick, one more thing I credit breastfeeding for! I figured a toddler with strep would be the only way to make the week even more interesting! Although she did manage to wipe out on the hardwood floors and cut/bruise her lip. Together we looked like a great pair.    


  1. That is my FAVORITE gym machine. I would love to have one at home. :-) GREAT blog. I have only managed one marathon and stick to a yearly half now just for fun. :-)


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