Finally a 60+ mile week

Okay 62.5 miles to be exact. I can't remember the last time I broke 60 mpw, I know it's been since before I was pregnant. It has helped that Ophelia has been taking great morning naps allowing me plenty of time to run, this combined with a long 5 day weekend off work helped me to get the miles in. The even better thing was I felt great all week during my runs, the bad thing is I've spent too much time running on the treadmill lately. Today I had planned to do my long run outside but the fresh coat of snow from Saturday on the paths scared me. The last thing I need is to fall again on an already broken arm. Even with this great week I've decided that I'm running Boston easy and just as a training run for Minneapolis where I hope to run a sub3:30.

Week in review
Monday: Temp Run 8.6 in 1:05:00
Tuesday: SDO
Wednesday: Interval 10.6 in 1:20:00
Thursday: Hills 9.25 in 1:10:00
Friday: Easy 10 in 1:15:30
Saturday: Easy 5.75 in 45:20
Sunday: Long Run 18.25 in 2:21:30
Total 62.5 miles

Looking at the week makes me realize I am doing all my runs at a pace faster then I should be, where is the easy pace, where is the LSD pace? This is the problem with treadmill runs, I just want to get done so I speed up knowing it will end quicker. I have been better at adding incline and mixing up speed during my runs. Please send Spring my way so I can get outside! And what happened to only running 4 or 5 days a week and crosstraining? I feel good and am taking advantage of it, but don't want to overdo things.


  1. Wow! That's awesome! I must say, I'm jealous :)

    Just now catching up on blogs, hope that your arm is healing. What a challenge to only have one arm with a 1 year old!

  2. Stafanie- Thanks, it's been a long time since I've been at this mileage and felt good! The arm is getting better, still sore and I'm limited but learning to function.


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