The search for gluten free pizza

I love pizza, especially homemade pizza but since eating GF I haven't found much for decent pizza crust. Today I saw this post from Gluten Free Goddess for pizza crust that I will need to try next time. Until then I have tonight's leftovers to deal with. They will get eaten, but I might do a little complaining while it happens.

Tonight was the 2nd attempt with Bob's Red Mill and it still isn't impressive. This dough was leftover dough that I had frozen from last time when I swore I'd never touch it again. The dough was so sticky and gooey, even after adding an extra cup of rice flour. I think I lost half the dough stuck to my hands, ridiculous! No cooking should be this difficult. I even contacted the company and their response "the dough will be sticky and hard to deal with. Unfortunately that is a part of gluten free baking. The dough can be smoothes out for use fairly easy by using wet hands. It the dough is still sticking to your hands, then use even wetter hands." Okay, but I can't add anymore water to my hands, thanks for the wonderful advice! Tonight I found the solution: place the dough on a greased pan and cover with plastic wrap which doesn't stick to the dough and now spread it. Not sure if it also helped that the dough was cold too but my pizza looked like a pizza tonight and no a pile of goo.

A much harder to find GF mix, but well worth the search was Chebe. This mix was awesome and didn't even taste GF. It was super easy to work with and even reheated well with the typical gooey GF texture. I loved the flavor, a hint of oregano and garlic, yum! This would even make great breadsticks. I'm even considering ordering in bulk from their website and keeping stocked up. Now to try some of their other products.

The search is still on, but I have options to continue with my pizza obsession! Pizza used to be my post-long run dinner loaded with pineapple, olives and tomatoes. I know weird combination, but it tastes great, just the right combination of sweet and salty and all the carbs, fat and calories needed to recover from marathon training. Oh and paris well with just about any wine!


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