I never dreamed of a running injury like this, but as I mentioned in my last posted I took a fall on the ice yesterday during a 5 mile run, luckily with only 1/2 mile to go. I was in pain immediately but figured that was just the initial trauma and things would be fine. I spent the next 24 hours denying that swelling, pain, and inability to move my right arm at the elbow didn't exist and would go away.

After being told by coworkers that it didn't look good I decided to run over to the walk-in ortho clinic at lunch. I've got to say this is a great concept and speedy care. I was in and out and back to work in under 1 hour splint in place. I can honestly say I never thought I'd have a broken arm from running! I have a radial head fracture in my right arm, yes I am right handed, and splinted from hand to nearly my shoulder. It is looking non-surgical, but a CT was done to get a better look at displacement.

The bad news: no running for 1 week and this was a compromise. I'm pretty sure he is now going to think of me as "that crazy runner" when I see him at work. At least this was a cutback week and I work 6 of the next 7 days so mileage would have been lower anyways.
The good news: if the displacement is minimal, like expected, then this splint is off in a week or two and then I'll just have a sling. Now to adjust to being left handed.


  1. I was wondering if you had gotten hurt because your other post didn't say. Sorry about your arm...ouch! :( Glad it's only 1 week out for you. I hope it's not too painful for you. Good luck to adjusting being left-handed ;)

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