1 month, yikes!

I just looked at the calendar and realized that Boston is only 1 month away and as all the runners know this means only one more big training week then the dreaded taper. The timing for this is not ideal, we are finally getting good weather and I am antsy to get in more miles outside and enjoy it. It will be interesting to see how much tough it is running with BOB now that Ophelia has grown and I haven't been running with her since last Fall.

Looking back, my training has been interesting. I started with a great plan in place and was going to actually follow a "real" training plan this time instead of my "make it up as you go" training plan. That all changed when the weather stayed nasty, cold and snowy and a lot of my miles were ending up on the treadmill to accommodate Ophelia's naps. And then them broken arm and time off didn't help the situation any. Oh well, like I said before I've accepted that Boston is not a goal race and I'm just going to enjoy the atmosphere and have fun. If great things happen I'll take it, but if not that's fine. My goal race will come 6 weeks later at Minneapolis and then again in October at TCM.

Now to focus on the fun stuff and start planning the weekend in Boston: where should I eat? what should we see? I've been there before but it has been 11 years.


  1. You'll do great...especially since this isn't your first marathon back.

    As a huge Yankee fan, I'll tell you not to go to Fenway. Actually, I've heard Fenway is a beautiful park. But I've never been to Boston.

    Question: Being gluten free, what do you plan on doing the night before the race in terms of fueling?

  2. Thanks Stefanie! This will be my first race since being gluten free so I'm still figuring it out. It's pretty easy at home: GF pasta, brown rice, quinoa, potatoes. Traveling will make it a little more difficult, I've been looking and it seems Boston has a pretty big selection of places with GF options and our hotel is close to a Whole Foods so I can shop for race morning and snacks: GF bagels/PB, fruit, yogurt, granola.


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