Wine Vine 5K

I know I have said it before but I don't run 5Ks or 10Ks for that matter, but this one is put on by the organization I coach for so I feel obligated to run it twice a year (and it is cheap). The downside is it always falls the day after a long run, yesterday I ran my final Boston long run of 20ish miles.

Inside before the race
The course is tough, very hilly and the snow/ice covered sections of path didn't help. Also racing in cold isn't a fin idea either, today was a little warmer then yesterday, low 20s and sunny during the race. I took off with the lead guys and they soon lost me but I kept pushing up the hill and finally hit the turn around. Luckily much of the way back was downhill until the final 0.1 mile which was again uphill. I was the 1st woman to cross and I thin 4th or 5th overall, like I said last time this is the perk of small races!

I'd never be able to win a 5K in 21:40. Somehow this is actually a PR for me, nice! I can't believe I was able to run a PR after 21 miles the day before. I've decided I am going to find a 5K and 10K to actually race this Summer and ones that are flatter to see what I can actually do, I'd love to run a sub 20:00 5K.
Crossing the finish line!
In follow up to my last post I think I have found the motivation, the last few days have been great. I enjoyed my long run yesterday and today's race and am once again looking forward to running. 3 weeks to go and we'll see what happens at Boston.


  1. wow, congratulations on your 5 km PB, run in what was probably one of your most volumous training weeks leading up to Boston. Sounds like things are right on track! I am glad you have found your motivation again. Enjoy your taper! You've earned it.
    p.s. btw the comment re: loss of motivation was from me, didn't realize I was logged in under my other name :)


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