5 weeks to go

The marathon I have aimed for since I started running in 2001 is almost here! I can tell I am in the height of my training because I am a bottomless pit, eating constantly! Another good week of running and even a day on the bike, finally adding some cross-training back in. I am now 4 weeks out from breaking my arm and have been cleared to start lifting more then 1lb, it is still quite achy but healing well and my range of motion is almost back to normal again. My only restriction is to not fall on my arm again for 4more weeks, meaning No running on the ice! The good side of this has been the increased core work, thanks to a broken arm and inability to lift weights my abs are getting a much needed workout!
Week in Review
Monday: SDO
Tuesday: 9.25 miles with intervals + core
Wednesday: 10.5 miles tempo run + core
Thursday: 11.5 miles easy + core
Friday: 1:05 on the trainer + core
Saturday: 8.6 miles hills
Sunday: 16.3 LSD

Now the question I am pondering: I have 2 not so perfect options for my final 20+ miler for Boston and neither is ideal. Trying to decide which sounds better...
1)Do the last long run 4 weeks before marathon and have a longer taper. This would be one continuous run. This is 2 weeks away, so not sure the paths around here will be fully cleared and I may end up on the Treadmill yet again.
2)Do my last long run 3 weeks out, but I start coaching that weekend and my only run option is the day my team runs. I would get in as many miles as I could prior to the team running, then run with team, and finish out afterwards all in an area I'm not too familiar with but would be able to easily map out a route, breaking up the run with 2 15-30min breaks.
Right now I am opting for #2 since I don't know if I can handle another LSD on the treadmill and then a 4 week taper, yikes the insanity may kill us all! But #2 will take half my day with the driving and team meeting after the run, what to do?


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