I need sleep!

I feel like this is a post I've already written! Sure enough I looked back and I had this past Fall when we were having multiple night time wake ups after months of great sleep. That issue is since resolved and this time the sleep issues are all mine (for the most part). My child is a great sleeper, me on the other hand needs a lesson in sleeping through the night.

Off and on for as long as I remember I've had nights where I just can't sleep, this seemed to get better once I had a routine work schedule and wasn't having to be up all night. Lately it has gotten consistently worse, right along with all the other issues I've had. I go in phases where I can sleep great and then times when I don't, well this time it has been going on for a couple weeks and I'm not having fun! I go to bed completely exhausted and within 1-2 hours of falling asleep I'm wide awake, I'll fall back asleep only to wake back up in another hour and this just continues until morning. I've gotten in the habit of setting my alarm early to get up and work out, but change my alarm once I realize I'll need that extra hour of sleep. To make this even worse, Ophelia has gotten in the habit of waking up between 5-6am (much closer to 5am) lately where she used to sleep until 6:30 or 7am. So needless to say I am dragging lately, lacking energy and just overall feeling yuck (if that's a description). I still make myself run, this tends to be the only time I feel somewhat awake and I'm trying to limit coffee after lunch time to not add to the issues. This needs to stop I just want to sleep!

Today I decided I've had enough of this, I need sleep! The glass of wine last night didn't do the trick so now I'm bringing out the big guns tonight and turning to Unisom, which I had on hand to combat the nausea during my pregnancy, but was always too afraid to take (sticking to the B6 instead) and now have a nearly full box in my drawer. Any other sleep remedies to try? I'm willing to do anything at this point.


  1. I take Benadryl to help me sleep when I fly. Hope you find something!

  2. I'm very light sensitive so was finding a few weeks ago that sleep was getting less, i read how important complete dark was for your eyes/activating sleep hormones so started wearing an eye mask - and wow. I am actually sleeping 8-9hrs occasionally when time allows!! Also, I've been taking a little magnesium supplement before bed ("Calm" - powdered drink) as apparently many people are a little depleted in it and it helps relax the muscles....good luck!

  3. cherelli- I'll look for something like that. I had been drinking a lot of "Mother's Milk" tea, but need to find something new now that I'm weaning, so maybe a calming tea.
    Karen-Benadryl makes me not sleep unfortunately:( I'll only take it when I'm really sick and need it for its true purpose.

  4. Not being able to sleep is so miserable! I hope you find something that works. Have you tried Natural Calm?

  5. I'll check out the Natural Calm, thanks.


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