Where's my motivation?

I can't seem to find it and I want it back! I think it is part the weather, part the way I feel, and part who knows probably the length of training in the Winter. After finally being able to get in a long run outside again and thinking Spring weather was actually here it snowed again and now we sit here looking at a foot of snow on the ground and temperatures in the 30s, come on I've had enough!

I look forward to my workouts, running especially but then it comes time for the actual run and I'd rather do a million other things! For example last Friday I was so excited about my long run on Saturday but then Saturday came and I had other feelings on it and took awhile convincing myself to get out there. Most of the time the end result is good and I'm glad I got the workout in. I think I am just sick of knowing I have yet another 1-2 hours on the treadmill or trainer. Last week I updated my iPod play list thinking new music would help and have been doing more gym workouts for a change in scenery. Next up buying new running clothes to motivate!

Here I am a little over 3 weeks out from the race I have been looking forward to for years and the start of another coaching season and I am rethinking my desire to run. What is going on? How do I get this motivation back?


  1. aw man that's a tough one. there is just no way to get motivated to treadmill run and the weather is a complete bummer.

    maybe read devon crosby-helms' review of the LA marathon on her blog. it was a really motivating post. what about youtube? they must have videos of people finishing marathons or maybe even motivational speakers (going out on a limb here).

    i don't know what type of phone you have but i just downloaded pandora. it's been great because it will play songs i like that i haven't heard/completely forgot about/don't have on itunes... don't know if that's an option.

  2. this is normal. in fact it is good. it means you have trained hard. you are worn out mentally from the training which is perfect because taper time is RIGHT around the corner. you just have to dig in for a little more until your taper starts and it will do wonders to restore your mental and physical energy for race day.
    you have arrived!
    that's all this little lull means.

  3. Kathleen- I forgot all about Pandora, I've listened to that a few times on the TM but will have to try it again.

    RW- I hope you are right, I haven't felt (depsite the miles) like I have been training hard, but I think that is part of it. Taper starts tomorrow!


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