Stress, really?!

I went back to the doctor yesterday to get the results of all my bloodwork from last week, she was looking at pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and general hormone function. Found out a few interesting things: 1) While my TSH is currently okay and T4 borderline low normal while taking levothyroxine, my T3 is very low meaning my body is not converting T4 to T3. No wonder why I still have hypothyroid symptoms despite normal TSH levels. Why hasn't this been checked in the past? Frustrating! So now I start on Cytomel for this and to hopefully combat some of the fatigue, weakness and other hypothyroid symptoms I am having. It was interesting because in my post-appointment research I came across European studies stating this combination therapy is better then the traditional levothyroxine which is typically used in the U.S. 2) A few other hormones are decreased which is also causing me sleep issues, I was prescribed progesterone, but this I am still debating since I'm not sure how I feel about taking hormones. 3) My cortisol level is elevated, this was also the case in January, but at that time the MD said no big deal we only care if it's low. Yesterday she w
as a little more concerned since it is showing that my body is in a constant state of stress. I guess I can see this, but I truly don't feel stressed. I decided to take a look at my life and stressors v. stress relief...
My life stress
  • A wonderful almost 14 month old daughter
  • Grad school
  • Work (although only part-time)
  • Coaching (another part-time job)
  • Marathon training
  • Trying to figure out my plans with school and waiting to hear on program acceptance   
  • Mystery illness worsening over the past year without answers and learning how to adapt
Stress relievers
  • Running
  • Cooking/baking
  • Drinking wine
  • Reading when I can (not much lately)
  • Spending time with friends (coffee, lunch) another one I don't do much lately
Looking at the list it is a good thing I run since the rest tend to involve food in some way! Yesterday it was suggested that I find more ways to relieve stress and she recommended: walking (I think I'll stick to running), go on vacation (would love to but that can't happen as often as I'd like), massage (once again would love to get a regular massage but can't seem to make it happen). Maybe I truly do need to start yoga not only for the flexibility but for the stress relief. I'll have to find a good class since in the past the calm, slow pace of the class has made me more stressed as I felt like I was wasting time. Can you see what type of person I am?! I do need to find more time with friends. It's one thing to communicate through facebook, email, texting etc, but what happened to face to face conversation?

Now I sit here looking at these lists and rethink things. I had thought I was pretty laid back even though I tend to not relax well, I need be moving and doing, I don't think I let things get to me, but maybe I'm wrong. One more month of this semester and then a short break which will help. Spring is on the way with warmer weather and sunshine, also a great stress relief. I am trying to get better about getting together with friends and Matt and I have a date night planned for Saturday. This week is Spring Break so my plans are to focus a little more on me: coffee/playdate with friend and her kids today to start it off.  


  1. As far as yoga goes, perhaps you'd like a "flow" class, power yoga, ashtanga or even bikram. There are so many types of yoga and so many instructors (the teacher can make or break a class) that surely you will find one you like. Oh, and if you are familiar with names of poses already. Itunes has free power yoga classes. A good one is power yoga with dave farmer or farmar (sp?).

  2. Thanks, I'll have to look into the iTunes yoga.


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