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A comment on my last post got me thinking about fueling pre-race and what I normally eat and how that changed since going gluten free. As far as night before a race/long run I have done it all, some good and some not so good: the typical pasta, gnocchi, rice dishes, black bean tacos- not so smart, Indian food- sometimes good, sometimes not, sushi- actually good, veggie burgers and sweet potatoes. Traveling for Boston on a GF diet will be interesting, worst thing I grab a couple sweet potatoes and throw them in the microwave at the hotel. Race morning used to always be a whole grain bagel  with PB and a banana, then I traded the bagel for 2 pieces of whole grain toast, then for some reason switched to cereal and a banana which is what I am doing currently. I have also done yogurt with granola and oatmeal. The other part of race fuel is during the race and this I am still looking for the answer to. I've done it all: Gu, Clif Blox, Power Bar Chews, Hammer Gels, Sport Beans, you name it and most often have the same GI issues before the run is over. Who knows what my answer is for that one.

Then today I was about 17 miles into my run and going past some restaurants, the smell was wonderful! I can't believe how good a burger smells at that point and how tempted I am to actually stop and grab one along with a greasy basket of fries. I kept running and didn't stop, first I had no money and second I'm not quite sure how my body would react after almost 20 years of not eating burgers. Instead I opted from a wrap with spicy chipotle hummus, spinach, cheddar cheese and avocado.
It actually still looks kind of good!

This and reading other blogs about food and diet restrictions has got me thinking. Since going gluten free I have focused a lot more on what I eat and how it effects me. I have always been a pretty healthy eater, but have a bad sweet tooth and am a carb addict. I could live on cereal!

What is truly the best way to eat? Vegan, cutting out refined sugar, organic foods, Paleo diet, low carb or one of the many diet trends out there or should we just eat what we want and not worry. I think having a child also changes the way I think about food, I am not only looking at what is healthy for me, but also trying to set a good example for her and feed her healthy. I would love to be able to grow my own fruits/veggies at least in the Summer, but my lack of a green thumb always takes over when I try. Right now I guess I'll stick with being a carb addicted gluten free vegetarian (who eats still eats sushi) and try to limit refined sugar.

Enough food talk, now I'm more hungry and need to find more food to replace the 2000 calories I burned running 20 miles this morning!


  1. again. I'm catching up on your blog. Can you tell? I wonder this too. Mostly because the lack of sleep (i've only gotten one 4hr stretch in in over 12 weeks) makes me feel gross so I keep thinking what if I eat _____. That's super healthy and it will give me energy... yeah it's just the lack of sleep. Anyway, as far as I can tell there are several things that continue to come up:

    1. Stay away from refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup
    2. Avoid man made foods (soy meat replacement, nitrates, hydrogenation, preservatives)
    3. Emphasizing fruit, seeds, nuts, meat, potatoes... rather than vegetable oils and grains
    4. Eating whole foods
    5. Maybe some fermented foods (some people swear by vitamin k2. In fermented foods)
    6. Grass fed meat or wild fish

    Whether or not you eat meat or don't. Prefer cooked foods to raw. Etc. I think is just preference. There is no single best diet. Organic isn't necessary, nice if you an afford it but they still use chemicals on organic produce just different ones. I also think you can't actually be a vegan. It's not an ideal diet. Hm. Oh and now that I re-read my post it can be summed up with michael pollans statement of "eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much".

    Just my way too many cents.


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