1 month, no way...

I am out, at least for now. After an awesome feeling 22 mile run on Sunday Tuesday's hilly run was slow and achy but not the worst yet. Wednesday I tried a 10 mile interval run and it sucked! Started out with kid and dog aiming for 4.5 miles and planning another 5-6 with only the BOB. By the time I finished the first loop I was in pain and walking, so I dropped off the dog at home and decided to skip the rest and instead walk/run to the store with the BOB to grab a few veggies for dinner. By the end of what totaled 7 miles I was feeling okay, I think the starting and stopping with the dog wasn't helping anything.
Based on Wednesday's run Thursday became a bike day with 1 hour on the trainer in the morning and then a 2 mile family walk after dinner. Friday I made up some running miles with 1 hour on the elliptical and then did some strength and core before work. I just couldn't hold back after work with temps of 80 and sunny I had to at least attempt a run to the store, dumb idea! I ended up walking about half of the 4 miles total to and from the store, but the weather was wonderful so I didn't care, I was outside in March in shorts and a sports bra and warm! Thank you mother nature :-)

I almost didn't even mind the fact that I had to ice my shin/calf since I was sitting in the sun watching dog and kid play barefoot outside. What a great weather week, breaking records daily with highs near 80F and it is only forcasted to continue to be warm. 

Unfortunately the shin/calf pain has returned to the intensity it was about 1 month ago and I am now 1 month out from Boston, ugh! The good side I am fine after a run and can't pinpoint any one spot of pain (yay no stress fracture) just a generalized aches and tightness throughout. So back to even more stretching, icing and some rest. Might even be time to hit the ppol for some water running. At least I have this weather to keep me in a good mood. Plans for today are a stop at the gym for an elliptical workout and then bike ride to enjoy the weather, first time off the trainer this year let's hope for no injuries!

To add to the questions my first race of the 2012 team circuit is tomorrow, an 8K that I hoped to use for some speedwork. Do I run? Just go out easy or push it if I am pain free? Do I skip it completely?


  1. Oh, no-- so sorry to hear about your shin pain acting up again... I would have done the same, I keep trying to run before I finally get the message to back off! I would probably skip the 8k speed, and stick to the bike/pool for a few more days to give your body a chance to recover and get you to Boston healthy and happy!

    1. This will be an easy running week for sure. Good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't always listen!

  2. I'm with Laura...your shin is hurting! You want to be able to run in Boston. I'd advocate for sitting out the 8K...and taking a few more days to let that leg chill :) Hang in there!

    1. Thanks, now just to convince myself to listen to smart advice!

  3. I would sit out the 8K to be sure I'd be ready for Boston. As I just blogged about decisions like this suck!

    I'm loving the unseasonably warm temps. The sun and blue skies are a delight to see!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Mind if I ask how you know it's not a fracture. I'm sure my "pain" isn't a fracture or is that wishful thinking? I've been dwelling on this question since Fri. It's so hard not knowing. I'll know for sure tomorrow.

    1. The decision is tough! Hope your's is nothing major and you recover quickly.

      A key sign of a stress fracture is point tenderness over one specific spot where the fracture is and increasing with impact, my pain is more generalized and increased with knee flexion making me think more along the lines of soft tissue (probably tendon).


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