How I know I am a runner

I often have these moments and thoughts that make me realize I am truly a runner and doing, experiencing, thinking things that only a runner would.
  • Driving down a hilly section of the freeway you think of how good a route for hill training this is and briefly contemplate the ability to run it.
  • Your pants fit (or are loose) every where except your muscular thighs that are attempting to bust out the seems.
  • When asked, your 2 year old says mommy runs for a job. Hahaha I wish!
  • You know all of the public restrooms and port-a-potties.
  • I just cleaned out my car to find: 2 headbands, a running jacket, pair of mittens, 2 running hats, fuel belt, multiple wrappers from gels and bars, empty water bottles, race bib, arm warmers and an old pair of running shoes.
  • I own more running shoes then "regular" shoes and am willing to spend the money on these first.
  • I know distances based on having run places
  • Waking up at 4am on a weekend to run is normal and actually enjoyable
  • I eat more then a growing teenage boy especially the day after a 20+ mile run and no longer get strange looks from my coworkers for eating all day.
  • My 2 year old knows how to use a fuel belt, running watch, and calls all her tennis shoes "running shoes", she has been to more races and logged more miles in the BOB then most adults. 
  • Many other aspects of my life are scheduled/based on running. I passed on a wine tasting tonight because I should be running my final long run Saturday and the two don't mix very well!
This is one of those days where I have to write about running since I won't be doing any and haven't since Wednesday. The week started off good with an 8K on Sunday, doubles on Monday-Wednesday to include biking/elliptical in the morning and an easy Tuesday run.

The speedwork on Wednesday was the breaking point for my leg. I ran a 2.5 mile easy w/u 10x 800m Yassos at 6:45-7:00 pace and a 2.5 mile easy c/d. Everything felt fine until afterwards I could barely walk back to my car, yikes! I was once again fine when I got home but the pain returned yesterday while walking at work. I gave in a made an appointment to see my sports medicine doctor this morning and of course woke up pain free. Hoping for some good news today so my weekend plans can include a long run. Head over to Fitness Friday


  1. I love your list! Sounds so much like mine... in addition to shoes, I prioritize workout gear over regular clothes. Need to update my "normal" wardrobe eventually. :)
    Ugh- sorry the pain is back... I'm glad you woke up pain free, but would definitely still get it checked out, I hope you get good news, too!!

    1. Same here, I need more regular clothes, but always buy running stuff first!

  2. that's great...i'm newer to running, but I am learning the restrooms!! LOL

    1. You will be way too familiar with the restroom locations very soon :-)

  3. I hope the pain stays away. I too have pants that are baggy everywhere except for my muscular thighs. I love that your daughter says you run for a job:) so cute!

    1. I wish I could get paind to run, wouldn't that make life so much easier?!

  4. I love this list. I also know where all the drinking fountains in town are. And when I do laundry, my "running stuff" pile is always way bigger than my regular stuff pile.

    Fingers crossed for no pain!! Those Yassos are intense. I usually run mine at around a 7:30 and I am still pretty fatigued afterward. You probably just over did it a tiny bit.

    1. Same here, the basket of running clothes is twice the size of the one for regular clothes!

  5. Love this and your list is all so true!

    I'm adding speedwork into my training starting next week. I have to make it a priority to reach my half goal of a sub 2:00! Any tips or suggestions?

    1. Make the speedwork fun, there is no need for anything elaborate (although track w/o is fun). Make it as simple as picking a point 1/4 mile ahad and pushing the pace until you reach then backing off and repeating throughout a run. Otherwise run at 5K pace for 1-2 miles in the middle of a 4-6 mile run.

      Good luck with the speedwork and the half goal.


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