Ride of a Lifetime

What a weekend of workouts! I guess that's what happens when you hang out and train with friends training for an Ironman! It all started with an innocent conversation when the endurance trainer at the gym where I am the run coordinator asked me to let his group know about us. Fast forward a few weeks and I was asked to join some of the "fast" runners for long runs and it has progressed, I am now biking and have gotten into the pool, even considering a triathlon this summer.

Saturday started early with a long run of 18 miles in the snow. I love snow running, it is just so peaceful and calming, but I could have done without the wind, bad footing and ebing pelted in the face with icy snow. It was tough and slow, but a great way to start the weekend. Kind of strange having my first real winter run in March, what a strange year so far.

Sunday was another early morning. I was convinced to sign up for a spin event which is basically 1,000 people doing a 2 hour (actually 2:15) spin class in a party atmosphere, DJ and all. We headed down early to get in a run before, the course that was planned was 7 miles with some crazy hills. Yikes, this would normally be tough but with tired legs from the day before, wow! Now follow this by 2 hours of spin. What a great workout especially considering I haven't biked more then 1 hour in nearly 3 years. Add into this the usual post-long workout hunger and try to figure out how to fuel for another day of hard workouts when you tend to be eating and hydrating. Bananas and Lara Bars were my friend that day.

These workouts also got me looking closer at my protein intake and how it is falling short and effecting my recovery. Another perk of IM athletes, they love their protein shakes. Today I joined the movement and had my first protein shake for a mid morning snack. First attempt was okay and reinforced that I need a blender: vanilla soy protein with banana, mango and OJ. What are other good shake ideas? Or uses for protein powder? Another reason to search Pinterest!


  1. Wow! Congrats on an awesome weekend of running and spinning! I'm jealous. :) I don't use protein powder either, but am thinking I might start adding it to some smoothies (I like frozen bluberries, banana, yogurt & cinnamon) and I've also seen some recipes floating around about adding it to pancakes... maybe you could try it in muffins, too?

    1. That smoothie sounds good, I'll have to try it. I've seen a lot of snack bar recipes with protein powder, but muffins would work too. Time to start baking! :-)

  2. Wow 7 miles and then 2 hours of spin! Awesome! That spin class looks so fun!

    1. It was a great spin class, almost didn't realize it was 2 hour long and my legs were tired!


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