Good news/Bad news

Follow up appointment with the sports med doctor today didn't go perfect but not worst case either. On Tuesday I read the radiology report on my MRI which said there was no stress fracture, today the verdict is slightly different. My sports doc and another doctor looked at the MRI and disagree, thinking that the white that shows on the one single image is a stress reaction of the bone. So basically a precursor to a stress fracture, ugh! I guess I made the right decision to stop running last week.

Good news: I am cleared to run Boston and the doctor said "it will not break at mile 10". I can do any other activity that does not cause pain, which is pretty much everything else: biking, elliptical, pool running, walking.

Bad news: I am not cleared to run yet. Right now I feel 80% better then I did a week ago and should be 100% in the next week but can't do too much and risk further issues.

We talked about calf strengthening and getting a DEXA scan to see why I am nearly at 4 stress fractures (and 3 traumatic fractures) in the past 10 years. He also talked about adding in some barefoot/minimalist running (once I am healed) to "fix" my form. The most recent theory is that we strike with too much impact in shoes leading to too much stress on the legs and with minimalist running form the impact s less and wider spread throughout the legs resulting in less injury. I've always thought the shoes were cute, so why not?!

Guess I am back in the pool and spending long hours on the bike and elliptical for another few weeks. I need to look for other cross training options to reduce my boredom.


  1. I'm glad there is some good news in there... and that you can still run Boston! Try to hang in there with all the cross training. Your dr sounds very thorough. Reading Born to Run convinced me on the minimalist shoe thing too, but my shins/calves were having a tough time with it. I'm gonna keep trying!

    1. Thanks Laura, I'll have to check out that book.


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