10 Years

10 years ago today Matt and I were married, it is amazing all the changes and growth we have experienced in that time. About this time is when I started thinking about running my first marathon so it is only fitting that we will be spending the weekend of our anniversary in Boston for the marathon. Up until last Fall the plans were to spend a week or two in Europe to celebrate, but with us both in school we decided that a shorter trip was best. Last September as marathon registration was coming to a close I sent a text "how about a trip to Boston for our anniversary?" to which he replied "sure, sounds great". I was partly joking but the plans stuck and here we are!

So here we go, after a strange marathon training taper filled with much more cross training and only 10 miles of actual running in the last 3 1/2 weeks. I can say that my cycling will be stronger this year because of this! I am also proud to say that I tried a new class on Monday, yoga sculpt, and wow it is tough. Imagine holding yoga poses while lifting weights.

Look at us, so young...

10 years ago - April 13th 2002
Look at us now! 2012


  1. Happy anniversary!! I love that you're spending it in Boston. :) Have a blast- it's a great city. And I can't wait to hear all about the race!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Yoga sculpting sounds rather difficult actually..... have a great time in Boston; with all the cross training you've done I'm sure by the time you start the race you'll be like a greyhound out of the gates "running free" again!!

  3. Good luck on Monday and happy anniversary!


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