3 strikes, but not out

Less then 1 day until Boston Marathon and the race should be interesting. I am beginning to wonder if anything else will go against me before tomorrow morning. So far it is 3 strikes, but I am not out…

1st  I dealt with a leg injury resulting in an abrupt taper filled with a lot more cross training then I would have liked, a missed 20+ mile long run and only 10 miles of actual running in the last 3 ½ weeks.
2nd my allergies (or a nasty cold) kicked in big time this past week and settled in my chest. Ironically I first bought Super Lysine the week before Boston last year in attempts to combat the same issue which worked. So I have been hitting the Super Lysine along with cold meds and actually starting to feel better and hoping to be back to normal by tomorrow.

3rd the weather! Over the past week the forecast has gone up and down ranging from highs of 50F to 80F, cloudy to sunny, and even possible storms. As of today it has settled on a high of 87F sunny and south winds. Seriously?! Isn’t this April? I am typically cold so I planned well and packed mittens, ear warmers, arm warmers, pants, jackets and only 1 sleeveless running top that I never truly planned to wear.

This should be an interesting year, but I am determined and will only treat this as a training run and have fun out there. See you at the finish line!

John Kelley statue before a hot 70 degree run at Newton and Heartbreak hill with my group


  1. All the best tomorrow! You've overcome so much, you will prevail over the weather as well! Think of the stories youll have to tell about how badass you are. Can't wait to hear all about it!
    I've been to Boston 3x and have yet to see that statue. Ha!

    1. Thanks, this was my second Boston and 1st time seeing the statue and even after looking I missed it dring the race, haha!

  2. Ugh, that heat is gonna be miserable... I'm glad you're able to treat it like a training run and didn't have a big time goal in mind! Enjoy the experience, can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Good luck tomorrow. Drink lots and I can't wait to hear all about it:)

    1. Thanks, I will find time to write all about the experience soon.


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