Post-Marathon Blues

11 days since Boston and I am just feeling blah! I think it is a combination of post-marathon blues, you know that feeling that you have after working so hard for something and then it is done, starting a new job and the mental exhaustion of that, getting over being sick, a recent injury and lack of good eating for the past couple weeks. I have been running but so far only once this week, I think part of me is still afraid of re-aggravating my injury despite being pain free. I am taking a minute, stepping back and reevaluating what is happening and setting goals to get back to being me.

1) Post-marathon blues: I am not disappointment with my race, it is just a big change to step back from the level of training and focus on something new for a time. I need to focus on what is ahead- a marathon in exactly 1 month, yay!. I will be back to running long runs on Sunday morning with friends and focusing on smart running and some last minute speed work to get my time goal!

2) New job: It is amazing how draining thinking all day is! I have stepped out of my comfort zone and moved on to much bigger things career wise, this is good but stressful at the same time. It means I am working 4 days a week now instead of 3 and my commute has gone from 5 miles to 15 miles. I have a lot of flexibility and support in this position and see it growing into something really good, but the time to get comfortable and not feel lost all day is tough.

3) Illness/Injury: Working out has been tough, I am making all attempts to get up early and hit the bike but some of these workouts have been less then wonderful, including the 30 minutes this morning that I slogged through. After a month of little running I think I am getting tired of all the cross training and need to refocus my energy on something different. Like I said I have long run plans and run with my group twice a week. I want to find a new cross training activity to keep me motivated, suggestions?

4) Eating habits: It happens every so often that all attempts at eating healthy go out the window and this was at a peak while we were in Boston. Combine this with recent antibiotics and my body is not happy: GI problems/pain, headaches, exhaustion and a little extra belly budge. My new goal with working more is to prepare meals to ahead of time and have them ready to throw in the oven at night to avoid the last minute grabbing of whatever. I have stocked my office with healthy snacks, bring fruit and veggies to snack on daily and am trying to cut out the afternoon coffee. I am trying to get out of the meal rut too and make new foods. I think I miss the protein shakes and need to add these back in as a morning snack. I will cut down on processed foods, drink more water and cut back on the foods I have intolerances to. I have not been too good at this lately: so goodbye dairy, gluten, yeast, refined sugar and peanuts.

Check out Fitness Friday and see what others are doing. I have to say that just the small piece of writing this down and thinking about it has made me feel a little better. Might have something to do with the fact it is Friday too!


  1. The post-marathon blues or very real! Or post any race, really... but especially a marathon you've trained so hard for. I didn't realize you have another full in a month, that's exciting! Good luck getting back on track eating-wise, I've been struggling a bit too with having lots of visitors this month and extra treats, my body keeps asking for sugar and carbs!

    1. Yes, I am a crab addict! Trying really hard to add in more protein, veggies and fruit as snacks to keep me full longer.

  2. That's a busy month ahead with a new job and another full on the way...perhaps you could cross-train with a mix of swimming and water running (I've just taken that up; I intersperse a few water running laps with swimming laps each session for sanity)? Also, have you been taking probiotics since the antibiotics? Apparently you need to take them for a good month following a round of antibiotics?

    1. I do that too when in the pool (which is not very oftent), should really do more of it! I've been taking probiotics since last summer but haven't been too good about it lately until I taking antibiotics and need to continue again.


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