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It seems like this year has been the year of decisions, many leading me places I had never imagined and taking the road I veered away from in the past. I started the year by walking away from a high paying career with great growth potential to focus on the things that were important to me in life and now I am walking away from a marathon before it even begins. It is amazing how things just feel right at times.

After my post on Monday I bet you were all on the edge of your seats just waiting to know what I decided! Like I said above I decided to not run Milwaukee, the first time I haven’t run a race I registered for when I wasn’t in a cast! Instead I will be running a marathon closer to home two weeks later. There were multiple reasons behind this and honestly I don’t know if waiting an extra two weeks will benefit me enough or not but it makes me feel better. So I have a couple race bibs we won’t be using, any takers?
Mankato Marathon. Bold Race. Exceptional Place.

This decision has brought me a few other opportunities, I am now registered for my 3rd 10K of the year (strange since I haven’t run one since 2008) and plan to be a medical volunteer at TC Marathon. I am also rethinking my fall race plans in other ways too adding in a trail race possibly since I will no longer be right before a marathon. Don’t you just love how tough decisions often lead to better plans?

Based on my new marathon that is now 7+ weeks away I decided to take this week easy, bike some, try a new strength workout and decrease running. Perfect since it has been 100+ heat index, yuck! This has also allowed me to spend more time having fun with O; so far this week we have gone to the pool, run together (her request), rode bikes, walked to get ice cream, played at the “big” playground and swam at home. Yesterday I was reminded why running in the heat sucks, we ran the 3 miles to the playground and I was a puddle before we arrived, the t-shirt I planned to wear when I got there became a towel to dry off instead! Oh well, I was one of the few parents crazy enough to venture out so not many people to comment or give me looks for my chosen attire of shorts and a sports bra! More fun plans to come next week including a race for O and veggie picking with friends. I can’t believe I only have two full weeks left until I go back to work!
Monkey Girl!
Happy Friday! How are you planning to enjoy the long weekend?

My plans are running (Surprise!); a half marathon on Saturday and a 10K/5K double header on Monday. Hoping the weather decides to cool a bit, not too much! Although in true MN fashion it may snow next week! Besides that dinner with friends and some relaxing time at home in between working on fixing the disaster I have made of our office. How is it that cleaning makes things even messier?


  1. Good for you for making the decision that works best for you! I can almost hear the sound of relief in your writing! Have a great weekend and a great race!

    1. Thanks Mindy, it does feel good to have a plan and know that it will be much easier and less travel involved too!

  2. Glad you found an option that works for you! I agree, you sound more relaxed already. Have a great busy running weekend!

  3. You are right, those choices we make can lead to better opportunities later. I'm sure it was a tough one but you sound confident you made the right choice!
    Enjoy what's left of your time off!

  4. I love when making a decision that is hard leads to an even better outcome. You have a busy racing weekend coming up!

    We are planting our fall garden this weekend, working on house projects, going to the pool (one last time??) and my husband and I both have a long run to get in as well. It will be a busy one!

  5. Yes, sometimes tough decisions can lead to better things. They are hard to make, but once made that good feeling that overcomes ya is proof enough you made the wiser of the choices! Good luck with your new race plans!

  6. I guess I signed myself up to run 10 miles with a friend. This will be my first ever double didget mile run. That will be either Saturday or Sunday.

  7. I find travel racing really hard with having a kid. If you can do one close to home, that is a great choice. I've also learned that having a child means some wasted race entry fees. The way races fill up now, it's just a fact of life you have to register really early not knowing what could happen 6 months down the road. I love those smaller races that don't sell out! Good luck with the rest of your training.

  8. Oh my goodness, three races this weekend!! Good luck, Jen!!

  9. I agree with Mindy - your relief comes through in your writing. Good move Jen and good luck with this weekend!

  10. So happy to read how it all worked out. I'm kind of at a loss right now with running and racing and not sure where to go from here. Ugh! Joys of being injured. Good luck this weekend!

  11. Glad it all worked out! 3 races this weekend!??! Go get em girl! I'll be lying on my lazy butt in Montreal :)

  12. Wow that was great to actually decline a race on your own terms. Good luck in all your races


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