July Recap and Already August Goals

July is done, wow! I am starting to be recovered from the hamstring issue finally J It was a tough month, I think O can sense the changes ahead and is not choosing the best ways to show her frustration.

  • Run 225 miles Nope 213.4 I’m still happy since they were quality
  • I swam twice during July! J
  • 4th Half (7th half/full of 13in2013) and want to be back under 1:40 No on the time goal L
  • 2 5Ks in July and a 3.7 Mile race that I haven’t run in years, time to push out of my comfort zone! Fun and even a win at 3.7 mile race!
  • I focused on my rehab and core and have been cleared for speedwork, hills are still a struggle!

  • Organize the house, get 2 more rooms done Bedrooms done and lots of clothes ready to be gotten rid of!
  • Pass boards! :Yes! J
  • I have a couple great opportunities that have come my way: writing, training and running related. Come back tomorrow when I share the link to my first post!

  • Limit processed foods A few too many cupcakes in July!
  • No more boredom eating! Getting better, but needs work
  • Experiment with new CSA veggies Kohlrabi has been a hit and lots of greens

  • Weekly activity with O of her choice (within reason!) Yoga, playground, swimming, berry picking and the zoo
  • Lunch with friends and weekly MRTT runs plus date night with Matt and night out with friends
  • Still working on kid sleep, she has decided that listening to Dave Matthews Band while she sleeps is her new thing, girl has decent taste in music! Changed her music choice to Counting Crows!
August seriously? Where did the summer go? Our weather has even changed and the past week has felt more fall like than summer! I hope to make my full come back this month in honor of my birthday and jumping to a new age group!

  • Run 225 miles- Try again!
  • Bike 2x week, Strength train 3x week and swim again (no swimming until late month due to surgery). Continue with focus on core and rehab exercises
  • 5th Half (8th half/full of 13in2013) and want to be back under 1:40 or even better beat my 1:38 from this race last year!
  • A 5K and aiming for sub 21 (I may run a long run the day before turning it into a fun race instead)
  • 3rd Ragnar is in 2 weeks, I can’t wait!

  • Organize the house, get office done (this will be fun after years of grad school accumulation) and have a garage sale
  • Read a book for fun! Any suggestions?

  • Limit processed foods
  • Limit treats (especially with my birthday coming)
  • Keep experimenting with new CSA veggies and add in new meals What is your favorite summer vegetable meal?

  • Figure out pre-school plans and other fall activities
  • Work on quiet time with O her frustration through methods other than yelling or hitting
  • More MRTT events and lunch with friends, plan a date night with Matt

How was July and what are you working on in August? 


  1. You've had a great month girl! I love that O has her own taste of music and wants it for bedtime! I used to listen to music all night when I was growing up. I can't believe you already have fall temps! August is usually the hottest part of the year here! Ugh!

    1. Thanks Mindy. 60s for highs the past week, ugh not ready for this yet!

  2. I love your goals and recaps each month!
    In fact, I think I will borrow your format and get some things down on paper!
    Love you Jen!!

    1. Thanks, it really helps me to break them up into categories.

  3. My food has been out of control! Gotta get that in check too. It seems once I start down that path it's a spiral. Good luck on your goals!

    1. Yes, so true on the spiral. Once I start it continues, ugh!

  4. Well done on your July Goals. Ok so you may not have achieved all of them, but you mad headway on them and that's the main thing.
    Love the August goals. As for a book, well depends on what you are interested in. I just finished "it starts with food" excellent book, very easy to read and understand.
    Good luck with the goals in August.

    1. I've heard good things about that book, might have to try it :)


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